Journey to the Umbrella Corp (English)

. Introduction.
Umbrella Corporation is a large company that consists of a wide range of companies and is engaged in a very wide (Conglomerate) which is located in the city

of Hamburg, Germany. The company is running in the industrial, food cans, beverage cans, and processed meats. The company was built since 9 July 1868 and

still in operation today. However, in a film titled Resident Evil, The company is located below ground level in the city of Tokyo (Japan), moscow (Russia), and San

Francisco (United States), who runs a research and development of the T-Virus to infect the entire human earth. Either, it is happening or not.

. Breaking through the satellite.
city ​​kyiv (Ukraine) is a city with a fertile soil UniEropa located in Ukraine. The town is bypassed by the river that divides Dnyepr mainland Ukraine into two parts

namely the western and eastern parts. The city and the country became known for a few months ago used to host Euro 2012 with neighboring Poland. In this city

there is a boy named Alexander Gilbert Daniel, a child who has a talent adventurous, exploring places – some places are sometimes dangerous, and other

extreme events, talent is almost the same as his grandfather, Anderson. Alexander is a child of the oil fields in the Russian businessman named Freddy Jones.

Alexander was 17 years old and had just celebrated his birthday in the month of July yesterday, he was given a gift by her grandfather who was in a mysterious

Gift it is a book called “Journey to the Umbrella Corporation ‘before getting the book, Alexander already has two books on the Umbrella Corporation which was

given by kakenya lalu.Tetapi two years, the author of three books is different.
A few days later, Alexander received a signal via radio from his grandfather, Anderson. The signal was so weak that it broke Alexander’s satellite signal to

strengthen the ukraine. Because the satellite is owned by the state, then the authorities track down Alexander. Once captured, Father Alexander came and was

very embarrassed by her behavior. He also took her to the house and gave some advice that Alexander did not repeat them. But Alexander has some reason

and he did not hear the advice of his father.
The next day, Father Alexander came into the room and apologized to his son, because he does not understand the feelings of a teenage son who wants to

know. Alexander had forgiven him. Alexander then asked him “Why did you break through last night’s satellite countries?” Alexander replied “because last night I

got a very weak radio signal and sent over and over, I finally broke through the state-owned satellites to amplify the signal.” Father again asked “Where are the

results of the signal?” Alexander replied “it, but I can not read it because it uses language Morse.” His father then look at the code and try to translate it and

succeeded. Code it contains about the author and book the Umbrella Corporation. Alexander immediately seek a third book about the Umbrella Corporation and

find it. He felt strange on the picture on the cover of the third book, like the form of the code.
He needs the help of his father to break the code, luckily his father used to work in the Navy (U.S. Navy) and managed to break the code. It turns out that the

code contains a map of the city and its coordinates. The city is Hamburg, Germany. A most densely populated cities in Germany.
Alexander said to him “probably Anderson, my grandfather was in town!, I had to go there because I never met him over the years, Last met when I was 12

years old.”

. Journey begins.
After Alexander find the coordinates and maps of the city of Hamburg, Germany. He asked his father to consent to go there alone, because his father felt

responsible, he did not allow Alexander to go to Hamburg for Alexander to school. But Alexander is determined to still go to Hamburg to meet his grandfather. His

father then felt sorry and gave qualified “You have to go into town with me because I’m your parent, if not do not go.!”. Alexander then approved the father’s

The next day, they were getting ready to go to Hamburg. Alexander prepare the items that will be carried at the time of going to town. Then after that, he asked

for prayer for his mother and go with her father.
Beginning of the journey, from home to the airport kyiv alexander kept thinking about his grandfather and the Umbrella corporation. taken with a time of 2 hours.

After that Alexander and his father boarded a plane to Berlin, capital of Germany. The plane was delayed for 3 hours until his departure due to snowfall at the

airport in Berlin, it can cause the aircraft skidded off the runway was slippery due to snow melting hit. After waiting for three hours Alexander take off to Berlin for

approximately 7 hours. Before arriving in Berlin, Aircraft transit at the airport Warsaw, Poland to refuel. After refueling, the plane went on a trip from Warsaw to


. Welcome to Germany.
Alexander with his dad went on a trip to Berlin by plane. Arriving at the airport berlin, they immediately took a cab and went to the city of Hamburg, but the taxi

driver did not want to drive to the city of Hamburg, because the city is populated by factories that sound very noisy aircraft. Alexander’s father paid the taxi driver

was six times over, but the driver was going to eight-fold, and the father of Alexander agreed to request the taxi driver.
Trip from Berlin to Hamburg should be for four hours by road, but because there was an accident, and time lines to be jammed into Hamburg to six hours.
Second by second, finally reached the city of Hamburg. Hamburg city is very crowded, many aircraft manufacturers were there, people milling around across

the street, and others. Not surprisingly, the Germans concentrated economic activity in the city because it is so densely populated. After arriving in the city of

Hamburg, Alexander immediately asked about his grandfather and the Umbrella Corporation, Strangely the people in the city at all about the Umbrella Corporation

and grandfather Alexander. Alexander and his father searched all over the city of Hamburg to mlam, and bermalan next page one of the famous car manufacturer

from Germany ‘Mercedes-Benz’.
The next morning they find the grandfather and the Umbrella Corporation, they searched for two days and found a picture of umbrella logo and reads “Umbrella

Corporation” obedience breeds discipline, discipline breeds unity, unity breeds power, power is life ‘”
Alexander read the logo carefully, until he found a morse code and then he asked his father to help solve the password. Once solved, the code contains the

location of the Umbrella Corporation in the city of Hamburg. Apparently Umbrella Corp. Located in the center of Hamburg.
Alexander went straight into the middle of the city of Hamburg with great haste, but when he got in the city center, he did not find the umbrella corporation.

Alexander was staying overnight in the city center hamburg.
At midnight, the city of hamburg as an uninhabited ghost town. Alexander woke up middle of the night and heard the sound of the machines that read. He came

from where the sound. Apparently the sound was coming from a large staircase that juts down into the center of Hamburg.
Alexander went straight towards the stairs. He entered the increasingly loud sound of the engines. And finally when he entered, he found a very large plant and

is located in the basement of downtown Hamburg. “The plant seems to have been used walkin” said Alexander in his mind.

. Login to Umbrella Corp.
Alexander found a picture of the gate with the inscription Umbrella Corporation umbrella. He remembered his grandfather and said “yeah.! I found my

grandfather .. “He then walked to the gate, upon reaching the gate, he dreamily. Suddenly the gate opened itself without the help of hand-Alexander. Alexander

got in the gate, it appeared in a very clean one, all white and very sterile. After he entered, the first gate closes itself, then he discovers a second gate and

approached him. The second gate opened itself and Alexander said “Everything here is so advanced, it’s no wonder my grandfather feel at home here and not

go to home.”
Gate after gate pass until finally he met a wealthy. “It seems that the owners of this factory” he said. He immediately approached the guy and it turns out the man

is her grandfather, Anderson. Alexander asked his grandfather “are you the owner of this factory? His grandfather replied, “Yeah, so what?” Alexander back to ask

“Are you Anderson, grandfather?” The old man replied “yes my grandson”.
Feelings like to meet Alexander hugged her grandfather told her grandfather asked “why do not you go home?” His grandfather replied “I like it here” Alexander

back to ask “why do you like it here?” His grandfather replied again “I already have a company that once dreamed “” What company is it? “said Alexander,” The

firm is ‘Umbrella Corporation’ “said his grandfather. Anderson tells a little about the company that once only at home, now the company is bigger than the city of

Hamburg, but is under the ground.
Alexander picked up his father’s out, and immediately invited him in to see his grandfather who was in the plant in the soil. Anderson met with the father of

Alexander the pleasure, even though he was not his biological child.
In the factory there are a lot of products of snacks and soft drinks, as well as some meat products. Alexander took his grandfather’s home and said “will you go

back to your hometown?” His grandfather replied “of course, I had not been met with the children and grandchildren who were there”. The three of them shared

stories about how it got to Hamburg, and about Factory Umbrella Corporation. Tonight also adorn the city, the three of them sleep together in a very spacious

room Anderson, about the size of a football field.
The sun woke from his sleep and directly illuminate the city of Hamburg. The three of them woke up and immediately clean the body, preparing meals, and do

not forget to prepare supplies for back home.
When leaving the factory, Anderson lock factory with some morse code that other people can not open. During the day, the three of them went to the Berlin

airport, to fly to Kyiv. Eventually they all get to Kyiv and headed home. There are no special panyambutan party at home. Alexander Anderson asking “will you

take over my factory?” Alexander replied excitedly “With pleasure, Grandpa.” They were all in the house was very touched and Happy that did not meet her

grandfather for years.

Syarul write by Rachmad Hidayat (Junior High School 1 Tarik)
Contact me on-Rachmadsyarul @


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